Lead Institution



Project Manager

Clinical Research Coordinator


Clinical Research Coordinator

Pediatric Clinical Research Program Manager 

Nurse Practitioner

Clinical Research Intern

Participating Institutions Principal Investigators

Arnold Dela Cruz Paulino, MD

MD Anderson Cancer Institution

Christine Hill-Kayser, MD

University of Pennsylvania

William Hartsell, MD

Northwester Medicine Chicago Proton Center

Stephanie Perkins, MD

Washington University in St. Louis

Daniel Indelicato, MD 

University of Florida

Ralph Ermoian, MD 

University of Washington

Nicholas DeNunzio, MD 

ProCure New Jersey

Nadia Laack, MD 

Mayo Clinic Rochester

John Ha-Chih Chang, MD

Oklahoma Proton Center 

Victor Mangona, MD 

Texas Center for Proton therapy

Young Kwok, MD 

Maryland Proton Treatment Center 

John Perentesis, MD 

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Robert Lavey, MD 

Provision Center for Proton Therapy Knoxville 

Iain MacEwan, MD 

California Protons 

Bree Eaton, MD 

Emory University Proton Therapy Center 

Suzanne Wolden, MD

New York Proton Center

Professor Hien Le

Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia

Joshua Palmer, MD 

The Ohio State University

Steve Braunstein, MD 

University of California, San Francisco

Joining in 2020

Sarah Milgrom, MD 

University of Colorado, Denver

Susan Hiniker, MD

Stanford University Medical Center 

Andrea Lo, MD 

BC Cancer Agency

Derek Tsang, MD 

University Health Network

Samir Patel, MD

Alberta Health Service

Matthew Poppe, MD 

University of Utah